SteelHead CX

SteelHead™ CX was formerly referred to as Steelhead appliance, Steelhead Virtual appliance and Cloud Steelhead appliance. Visit SteelHead CX overview page to learn more.  

Software and documentation for both Cloud SteelHead and Discovery Agents for Cloud SteelHead are on a separate page called Cloud SteelHead.


Path Selection: Upon upgrading a SteelHead from RiOS version 8.6.x or earlier to 9.0.0 and later, existing path selection rules are not automatically migrated. Please refer to Knowledge Base article S25533 for details.

QoS: RiOS version 9.0.0 and later uses a completely new QoS management and syntax compared to RiOS version 8.6.x and earlier. Please refer to Knowledge Base article S25532 for details prior to upgrading to RiOS version 9.0.0 and later.

To access the latest supplemental technical materials, please visit our community site.

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    You can access the appropriate MIBs for your Riverbed appliance through the Management Console in the Support area (5.0 and later) or from Help > Online Help (4.1 and earlier).