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Getting Started with the Riverbed Support Site

This guide helps you learn about the features of the Riverbed Customer Support web site.

Home Page

The homepage provides basic information to get you started. Click a tab along the header to access focused content areas.

Log In

Each person accessing the site is required to log in to view information beyond the home page and the Contact Us page. Your user name is your email address.

If you have forgotten your password, click the Reset Your Password link in the login frame to have a new password reset link emailed to you.

Once logged in, you can personalize your password by using the Edit My Information button under the Account Information link in the My Riverbed section of the site.

You can change your password at any time. When you change your password, the new password takes effect immediately.

Register for a Support Account

You need to have an active Riverbed Support Contract to get access to the site.

If this is your first time using the site, you need to register. Click the Register for a Support Account link in the login frame. Provide your contact information and a serial number associated with your account. (The serial number is important to ensure you are added to the correct account and to ensure you have an active support contract.)

If your contact information is already in the database, you will be sent a temporary password right away. If you are not associated with an account, a case is opened and a support representative will validate your request and send you a password.


Software & Documentation

The Software & Documentation section provides easy access to the latest software releases, release notes and documentation for all Riverbed products. You can find the latest official releases as well as engineering releases. (Engineering releases contain small enhancements since the official release to address a specific issue.) Locate a product in the navigation on the left, and then find the appropriate documentation for version and task.  You can also search for software images and documentation using the Search box on the Software & Documentation home page.



Tools & Resources

The Knowledge Base contains solutions to address many of the most common customer support issues.

On the Knowledge Base home page, you can access the Recently Published and Most Popular knowledge base solutions. These solutions are determined by questions and cases submitted to Riverbed Support.

Search Knowledge Base

You can use the search feature to perform a natural language and/or key word search. You can search to find exact phrases by adding quotation marks to the beginning and end of a specific phrase in your query. Boolean search allows you to construct queries that specify exactly which words you do and do not want to see in your results. Use the three operators AND, OR, and NOT – these operators must begin in capital letters to be recognized by the search engine.

Browse by Category

In the knowledge base, in addition to searching by keyword, you can browse through product categories. This helps locate information relating to general issues.

Bug Finder

The Bug Finder helps you search for known bugs by keyword, Bug ID, software version, feature or status.

Security Finder

Use the Security Finder to search for security issues and their impact on Riverbed products.

Manage Subscriptions

Every knowledge base article provides a link which allows you to subscribe to email notifications when changes are made to the article. You can Manage your Knowledge Base subscriptions from the Manage Subscriptions link.

System Dump Analyzer

The System Dump Analyzer helps you investigate system dumps to identify potential problems with your Steelhead appliances and Riverbed configuration. Simply upload a system dump and view the results. You can also associate system dumps with existing cases, or open a new case based on the results.

When using the System Dump Analyzer, you can filter analysis results by serial number, person who uploaded the file, or case number.

Forums – Riverbed Splash

This area helps customers, partners, and Riverbed employees share ideas and Riverbed knowledge.

To get started, click the Forum tab from the support site menu bar, complete a quick, 1-time registration, and start sharing your knowledge. If you use your support site email during registration, you get access to additional customer and partner topics, as appropriate.


The Multimedia section of the Knowledge Base includes instructional videos. You can learn how to repair and replace hardware components and also learn how to use and configure other Riverbed features.

Knowledge Base Articles - Rating and Comments

Each knowledge base article contains a link for rating and providing feedback in case you have suggestions for improving the contents. We carefully review all comments and continuously work to improve our site and services.




The License portal helps you view and redeem licenses for your hardware and software products, download or email license files for your records, and request license extensions for your trial licenses.

Cloud Steelhead & Steelhead Cloud Accelerator

You can use this link to access the Riverbed Cloud Portal

Group ID Licenses

You can use this link to access the Group ID Licenses.

Licensing FAQ

You can use this area to view most commonly asked questions regarding Riverbed Licensing.



My Riverbed

The My Riverbed home page provides an overview of frequently used information about your Riverbed account, including your Most Recent Cases, Your Assets Due for Renewals, New Knowledge Base Solutions and New Software Releases.

Account Information

The Account Information page provides an overview of Contacts associated with your Riverbed account.

This section lists all the people associated with an account with support site access.

My Contact Information

You can update your own contact information. Change your email, mailing address, phone, or name. (Note, if you change your email address you are also changing your log in name for the site.)

Set Up Administrators for Contacts

A designated administrator for an account has additional privileges with account contacts.
They can see all users associated with the account, including those with current support access, those without support access, and those that have left the company. (They are kept in the database for historical purposes relating to case history.)

Additionally, administrators can add contacts to your account, edit the information for any contact, and add and remove access to the support site.

  1. To edit an existing contact: Simply click the contact name to make changes.
  2. To add a new contact, click the Add a Contact link.

When an administrator adds a new contact, the system sends an email to the new contact. It will be from Riverbed Business Applications and it will contain a temporary password and a link to use to log in to the site for the first time. Users are required to change their temporary password once they log in.

Note: For security reasons, we strongly recommend against creating log in accounts for email aliases. The security and access models of the site are designed for individual access. If you create access for an email address, it is much more difficult to remove access when somebody leaves the company and Riverbed is unable to track individual usage and provide focused responses. Additionally, anybody with log in access could change the password and prevent other users from accessing the site.

Occasionally, a spam filter or bulk email filter will block the password email from reaching the end user. In this case, you will need to modify your corporate email filter to allow the Riverbed emails reach the recipients.

Any administrator can grant administrator privileges to another contact - just click the contact name to edit their information, and select the very last check box in their info to grant/remove those access rights.

Because account contacts use their email address as their user name/login for the site, an email is sent to them when an administrator updates their email address. We do not change their password - and it keeps whatever value they had set previously. (This is the only time we notify them of a change to their contact info.)

If someone has left the company an administrator can edit the contact information and select the Left Company box. This will remove their support access and password and the user will only appear in the Left Company list that is only visible to other administrators for your account.


The Assets page displays the products, serial numbers, ship dates, and support information for the Riverbed equipment associated with your account. Click an asset serial number to display even more asset information, such as license keys, configuration information, and installation locations.

When you view the location that we have for the asset, you can confirm it or, if the location is not correct, you can edit the location. Providing a correct location for each asset helps streamline the repair and replacement process if you encounter any problems with the hardware. Also, registering the physical location helps Riverbed ensure the appropriate replacement parts are stocked in a nearby location for speediest replacement service. For each asset, we also encourage you to specify a contact at that location.

Note: See your Riverbed Support Contract for details about replacement services

Host Name

Host names are human-readable nicknames that correspond to the IP address of a device connected to a network. Defining a host name is not required for all Riverbed products and is available to configure at a customer's convenience. Customers can edit a host name by opening asset details through the Assets page.

Virtual Trade Up

This section shows orders you have in the virtual trade up program.

Cases & RMAs

The Cases & RMAs home page provides an overview of Your Most Recent Cases & RMAs.  You can search for older Cases & RMA’s, both open and closed.

Case Comments

In addition to viewing your cases online, you can view comments associated with each case. This lets you track the progress of the case and get an up-to-date status online. Additionally, you can submit comments of your own to provide any additional information and insight. When you add a comment, an email is sent to the owner of the case to notify them of the comment and it is added to the case history.

OPNET Software Reports

This page provides a link to OPNET Software Reports. You can Search for Software Problems and Suggestions related to your account.


Tokens are used to activate some Riverbed products, including Virtual Steelhead, and the HP ProCurve. Go to the Tokens page to generate license request keys.

Account Linking

Go to the Account Linking page to manage and grant visibility to your Riverbed account information with your trusted business partners.

Account Documents

Upload and maintain essential documents from Account Documents. You can store documents that you want to share with support and reference regularly when working with the Riverbed support organization.

Mailing Subscriptions

Sign up (or unsubscribe) from email announcements for software updates, product alerts, and security updates. These subscriptions are a great way to keep up-to-date with enhancements to the Riverbed product offerings.



Submit a Case Online

Use this form to report a problem to customer support.  The form adds the issue directly to the support queue and the first available engineer will respond to your case.

The case form requests a serial number. For convenience, the form lists known serial numbers in the menu. Choose Not Listed if the serial number of the appliance does not appear.

Attach Files to Cases

You can also upload files from the web site and associate those files with cases. To upload a file, open the case to view the case and click the link to attach a file. The upload files are stored in the customer support database for easy reference and analysis.

You cannot upload files that are larger than 5 GB through the support site. For more information about uploading files, please refer to the Uploading Files to Riverbed knowledge base article.



Contact Support

The Contact Support link includes essential information for reporting an issue to customer support. You can submit a case online (for best results) or contact the support team through email or phone.




You can submit feedback about the Customer Support Web site using the Feedback link at the bottom of the page . Use this link to send us comments about site features, content, and usability.

Note: Do not use these feedback mechanisms to report problems or issues to customer support. Continue to use the Case Submission form to get assistance.

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