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All SteelApp license support has been fully migrated to Brocade and rebranded as vADC. Login to MyBrocade.com to access the Licensing portal under Product License Keys.

SteelCentral AppResponse Virtual Appliances can only be activated via the Opnet Software Licenses page.

The SteelStore product line has been acquired by NetApp. Please contact NetApp for assistance or visit the SteelStore to NetApp Support Transition page for more information.

Welcome to the New Riverbed License portal. In this section, you can:

  • View and redeem licenses for your hardware and software products
  • Download or email license files for your records
  • Request extensions for your trial licenses


Manage Licenses

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Helpful Hints:

  • Finding Your License Request Key (Activation Code)
    • The license request key is the same as the activation code
    • The license request key (activation code) generates the appliance’s licenses. After installing the software on your Riverbed appliance, generate a license request key (activation code) from the management console or command line by using an available token.
    • You can view your available tokens on your Riverbed Support account, under the Tokens page.
  • Finding Your Serial Number
    You can find the serial number of your Riverbed appliance in several ways:
    • For Steelhead appliances, you can find the serial number in the Support tab of the Management Console Web Interface (in 4.1 and earlier, this is the Help tab). From the command line, you can use the show info command to display the serial number. The serial number is physically labeled on the box of the appliance as well as the appliance chassis, similar to the image below.
    • For Cascade appliances, you can find the serial number from the user interface in the Help > About area.