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Riverbed Portal integrates data from Digital Experience Management (AppResponse, AppInternals, NetSensor/NetCollector and NetProfiler) and SteelHead to create a centralized, dynamic view of an enterprise’s application performance environment. For more information about this product, please visit the Portal overview page.

Upgrade Notes:

1. For customers utilizing the Riverbed "Portal" connected to NetIM 2.8 (with password expiration default equal to 90 days), it is crucial to change passwords before the 90-day expiry and ensure the updated password is reflected in the Portal. Failure to do so may result in loss of connection between the Portal and NetIM. For detailed instructions on changing an account's password expiration settings, please look at Knowledge Base Article S38111.


2. Before upgrading, please verify Portal's interoperability with other Riverbed products (see KB S27459).


3. Please be aware that dashboards with static images will miss their static images after upgrading from Portal 3.5 to Portal 3.6.0. Please contact the Support or Professional Service teams before you upgrade. If you have already upgraded, please see the workaround in the following KBA S36058.


4. Portal 1.5.2 (Windows Installer) cannot be upgraded to a 2.0+ (Virtual Appliance) version of Portal. However, migration support from version 1.5.2 is provided in version 2.1.0 (see KB S31066).

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