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NetProfiler was formerly referred to as Cascade Profiler. Visit NetProfiler overview page to learn more.

Upgrade Note: Before upgrading, please verify interoperability with other Riverbed products by reviewing Knowledge Base Article S27459 on SteelCentral Interoperability

If you update NetProfiler to v10.26, please disable the “Preferred Interfaces data source” service; otherwise, updating to v10.26 will “fail gracefully.” The Preferred Interfaces data source service has been deprecated and replaced by the “Interface Pre-computation” service. For details about disabling the Preferred Interfaces data sources and enabling Interface Pre-computation, please refer to KBA S38112.


Kindly note that we removed the v10.24.1 image due to some bugs fixed in v10.24.2. If your appliances are operating on v10.24.0 or v10.24.1, you can upgrade directly to v.10.24.2 or above. If there is a specific requirement for v10.24.1, such as for troubleshooting procedures, reach out to our support team for further assistance.


Please be aware that NetProfiler  v10.22.3 is a maintenance release for xx70 appliances only (SCFG-2270, SCNP-2270, SCNP-4270) that includes problem fixes and security updates.

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    You can access the appropriate MIBs through the Help system in the NetProfiler UI.







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