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Client Accelerator Controller

Client Accelerator Controller was formerly referred to as SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead Mobile. A Client Accelerator deployment relies on the Client Accelerator Controller. A Client Accelerator Controller, typically located in the data center, is required for Client Accelerator deployment, management, and licensing control. The Client Accelerator Controller features a Web-based GUI that you use to centrally manage your endpoint clients. Visit Client Accelerator overview page to learn more.


Important Upgrade Notes

  • Client Accelerator Controller version 4.7.0 and higher requires at least 3GB of memory to be allocated for the SMC 8550 (SMC-VE), 8551 and 8552 models.
  • ALERT: If you use SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead (SCC) to manage your appliances, you must upgrade SCC to a specific version before you upgrade your appliances to this software version. Failure to do so will prevent communication between SCC and your appliances. See knowledge base article S27759 for complete details.

Client Accelerator 6.3.0 requires minimum macOS version 10.15 (Catalina). If your organization manages endpoints with mixed macOS releases, we recommend using a 6.2.2 endpoint installer for endpoints running macOS releases older than 10.15, thus avoiding installation errors. See knowledge base article S35289 for complete details.

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You can access the appropriate MIBs for your Riverbed appliance through the Management Console in the Help > Online Help area.

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