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Riverbed's trained technical support staff is committed to providing world-class expertise and assistance. With a Riverbed support plan in place, you can be assured that you will limit expensive downtime while maintaining the high level of performance expected from your Steelhead appliance deployment.

You can contact Riverbed online or over the phone. Before you pick up the phone, consider our other support options such as the knowledge baseuser documentation, and online cases, as they may be quicker and easier for you.



You can submit a support case online. A member of the support team will reply as quickly as possible.


Riverbed Global Support Email: support@riverbed.com

Country / Region UIFN Toll Free (1) Toll Free Toll
Australia 0011 800 4 782 3822
(0011 800 4 RVBD TAC)
1300 007 823 (RVBD) (3)  
China 00.800.4.782.3822
(00.800.4.RVBD.TAC) (2)
(Shared cost) (3)
Denmark 00.800.4.782.3822
(00.800.4.RVBD.TAC) (2)
France 00.800.4.782.3822
Germany 00.800.4.782.3822
Hong Kong 001.800.4.782.3822
India   000.800.001.6524  
Japan 800.4.782.3822
(800.4.RVBD.TAC) (4)
Malaysia 00.800.4.782.3822
(00.800.4.RVBD.TAC) (2)
Singapore     +65.6854.4825
Thailand 001.800.4.782.3822
United Kingdom 00.800.4.782.3822
United States 1.888.782.3822
Vietnam   120.11.071  


1UIFN toll free numbers are not supported by some mobile carriers.
2UIFN toll free numbers are not supported on mobile devices in China, Malaysia, and Denmark.
3Customer will be charged at the local call rate.  
4Be sure to preface this number with the international access and carrier code for your network.

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