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SteelHead Interceptor

The Riverbed Interceptor appliance extends the performance capabilities of Steelhead appliances to meet the requirements of very large data center environments.

Interceptor Model Compatibility

Interceptor software v4.5 or later are not supported on models INT-09200 and INT-09200-E which have been discontinued. Please do not install this version as it will leave the system in an unusable state. For detailed End-of-Life information please refer to Interceptor 9200 End of Life Notice or contact support.


Interceptor 9600 has reached the End of Availability as of 3/30/2022.

This applies to Interceptor running on INT-09600 models.

Please see the link for the Official Interceptor EOA notice.

We will continue to support valid support contracts through Apr 30, 2028, at which point the product will reach End of Support.

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Software Description Models Release Downloads
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    You can access the Interceptor MIB directly from the appliance. The MIB is available from the Help page accessible through the Management Console.

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