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NetProfiler and NetExpress

NetProfiler was formerly referred to as Cascade Profiler. Visit NetProfiler overview page to learn more.

Upgrade Note: Before upgrading, please verify interoperability with other Riverbed products by reviewing Knowledge Base Article S27459 on SteelCentral Interoperability

Feature deprecation : Auto-download update ISOs , Refer KB S34996 for details

There are few key update considerations customers should review prior to updating NetProfiler / Flow Gateway to 10.20 release. Kindly refer to KB# S35293 NetProfiler / Flow Gateway : Update consideration for 10.20 release


Please be aware that the NetProfiler chassis SCNP-2270 or SCNP-4270 cannot be updated to v10.20 without data loss, if these models are running a legacy raid. It may require a special update procedure to retain data.

Before proceeding with update, it is mandatory to check the raid layout following the instructions in KB# S35064 and take appropriate steps.


Software Description Release Downloads


Software Description Release Downloads
Software Description Release Downloads
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Description File Type & Size
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    You can access the appropriate MIBs through the Help system in the NetProfiler UI.







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