Hardware & Software End of Life Policy

We are continually evolving the products and services we offer. These innovations mean that we periodically transition away from selling or servicing certain hardware or software products.

This policy outlines how we handle support for hardware and software products that we have discontinued. As technology development drives changes we may change our policy, so we encourage you to check this site regularly to get the latest information.

If you have questions or would like more information, email us at support@riverbed.com or call +1.415.247.7381 or +1.888.782.3822 (toll free in the United States and Canada).

View the list of Riverbed Technology Hardware and Software End-of-Life Products or download the Excel file (82 KB).

Products formerly offered by OPNET Technologies: Please note that this Hardware & Software End of Life Policy does not apply to any software or hardware products previously offered by OPNET Technologies, even if sold by Riverbed after the date Riverbed acquired OPNET.


End-of-Availability and End-of-Support: Appliance Products

End-of-Availability and End-of-Support: Software (except SteelApp and Zeus Software Products)

Software Version Support (except SteelApp and Zeus Software Products)

Hardware and Software End-of-Life Policy

Zeus Software Products

SteelApp Software Products