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SteelFusion Edge is a hyper-converged appliance that integrates server, storage, network, and virtualization to run local branch apps, eliminating your need for additional branch infrastructure. 

The first generation platform was introduced as the SteelHead EX series. SteelHead EX combines WAN optimization and virtualization enables organizations to meet the needs of active branch offices with a branch office box.



SteelFusion Edge will reach the End of Availability as of 4/30/2023.

This applies to SteelFusion Edge running on all hardware and software models.

Please see the link for the Official SteelFusion EOA notice.

We will continue to support valid support contracts through Apr 30, 2028, at which point the product will reach End of Support.

Independent Hypervisor Upgrade:
Hypervisor upgrade is now independent from RiOS Edge software in Edge Version 4.2.0 and later. For more information see the SteelFusion Edge Management Console User's Guide.
For information on compatibility between RiOS, Edge, Core, and vSphere releases, see the Knowledge Base article S27472.
Software Description Models Release Downloads


Software Description Models Release Downloads
Software Description Models Release Downloads
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Description File Type & Size

To access the latest supplemental technical materials, please visit our community site.

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    You can access the SteelFusion Edge MIB directly from the appliance. The MIB is available from the Help page accessible through the Management Console.

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