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APM was formerly referred to as AppInternals™. APM provides application performance monitoring and diagnostics. For additional information about the product please visit APM.

APM Server versioning scheme has changed after 11.x. The versions now follow a year.month format to remain consistent with our SaaS offerings.

APM online documentation

Before upgrade, please verify interoperability with other Riverbed products by reviewing S27459.


For the release notes and other documentation, please visit

Server / Agent Compatibility

  • Servers and agents are backwards/forward compatible, with the exception of APM Server 11.x which supports only 11.x agents.

Please be aware that upgrades for OVA deployments of the APM Analysis Server will no longer be available beyond release 2023.7. For more details corresponding to Linux and OVA-based deployments, please read KBA S37841.


Aternity End-of-Support Policy

This page contains currently supported versions. Please review our EOL policy here for more information. If you require other versions, please contact support.

APM Server

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APM Agent

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