SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead

SteelCentral Controller for Steelhead was formerly referred to as Central Management Console. Visit SteelCentral Controller for Steelhead overview page to learn more.

Upgrading Your SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead Software

Riverbed recommends that you upgrade your software from one major version to the next, without skipping intermediate versions. The recommended upgrade path is:

5.5.4c > (6.0.1 or 6.1.x) > 6.5.x > (7.0.x or 8.0.x) > 8.5.x > (8.6.0 or 9.0.0)

Missing the intermediate steps can lead to irrecoverable database corruption.  

: The SCC 9.0 release is only available as a 64-bit image. Customers that have an existing 32-bit CMC-VE appliance running 8.6.0c or older needs to migrate it to a 64-bit appliance and transfer the licenses, before upgrading to SCC 9.0.

SCC-VE Software

Install the SCC-VE package to get the software up and running in VMware. After you have installed the package, you can upgrade the software using the standard SCC software downloads. 

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    You can access the appropriate MIBs for your Riverbed appliance through the Management Console in the Support area (5.0 and later) or from Help > Online Help (4.1 and earlier).