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SteelHead SaaS (for Legacy Cloud Accelerator)

SteelHeadā„¢  SaaS (for Legacy Cloud Accelerator) accelerates the delivery of SaaS application traffic based on a solution using Akamai technology.

The name for this feature has changed from SteelHead Cloud Accelerator to Legacy Cloud Accelerator.
The SaaS Accelerator through SteelConnect replaces the Legacy Cloud Accelerator and provides a Riverbed end-to-end solution with simplified deployment and certificate management. See SaaS Accelerator for information about the replacement solution.
Starting with software version 8.6, the Legacy Cloud Accelerator (SteelHead Cloud Accelerator) was packaged as part of the standard SteelHead software bundle and the SteelHead Saas (for Legacy Cloud Accelerator) documentation moved to the SteelHead CX page.
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