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AppResponse Appliance

Before you try to install AppResponse software, please read the Software Install Guide for the release you want to install. This Guide includes important instructions, notes and caveats for the install process on various AppResponse appliance models.

  • Read the 9.6 Software Install Guide if your appliance has release 8.5.5 or higher and JAR Class s210 installed. Note: 8.5.5 or higher and JAR class s210 can be directly upgraded to release 9.6.2.
  • Read the 8.6.8 Software Installation Guide if your appliance has an earlier release or a different JAR Class installed.

Upgrade Note: Before upgrading, please verify interoperability with other Riverbed products by reviewing Knowledge Base Article S27459 on SteelCentral Interoperability.

AppResponse 9.x software (AR9) has reached End of Support (EoS) as of June 30, 2020. This applies to AR9 software running on all hardware models. Please see link for the official EoS notice. Riverbed only supports the latest generation of AppResponse 11 (AR11) software, see link for more information.
When you are ready to upgrade, please review Knowledge Base Article S30848 and Upgrading to AppResponse Release 11.2.0: Compatibility, Feature, and Upgrade Process Overview.
For more information, please refer to the AppResponse 11 page.
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Software Description Release Downloads
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