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AppInternals™ was formerly referred to as AppInternals Xpert. AppInternals provides application performance monitoring (APM) and diagnostics. For additional information about the product please visit AppInternals.

Customer looking for AppInternals SaaS documentation and access to supported agents, log in to your service at https://steelcentral.net/.

Important Notice: As with any software installed on production machines, we strongly advise that you ensure that AppInternals Xpert™ Collectors (DSAs) are compatible with your particular environment by testing them on one or more non-mission-critical machines prior to actual deployment.

Upgrade Note: Before upgrading, please verify interoperability with other Riverbed products by reviewing Knowledge Base Article S27459 on SteelCentral Interoperability

Note: For the lastest “AppInternals” software packages not available on this site, please submit a support case with applicable asset product identifier.  Aternity Support will validate the request and provide download links to the latest product versions, where applicable.  For more information, refer to:  “FAQ – Technical Support for AppInternals Customers"

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    SteelCentral™ AppInternals Console and Collector version 9 is going End of Availability, please refer to KBS29134 for detail for migration to Version 10.

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