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IT NetMapper

IT NetMapper is comprised of IT Guru, model library, and documentation (these three must be installed on the same computer); VNE Server; and Report Server.

Important Notice

  • If you publish reports to Report Server, you must upgrade to the latest Report Server 2.6 PL2 Build 694 which contains a fix for a critical software bug and some other security updates.


IT Netmapper 17.5 PL6
IT Netmapper 17.5 PL5
IT Netmapper 17.5 PL3
IT Guru 17.5 PL6
NetCollector 9.0
Report Server 2.6
IT Guru 17.5 PL5
NetCollector 8.9
Report Server 2.6
IT Guru 17.5 PL3
NetCollector 8.5
Report Server 2.6
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