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Aternity Agent

Aternity Agent is a very small background service which monitors the end user experience by measuring application performance, device performance, and end user details. This information is sent to the Aternity Server. For additional details refer to Deploy the Aternity Agent.

Note: For the lastest “Aternity” software packages not available on this site, please submit a support case with applicable asset product identifier.  Aternity Support will validate the request and provide download links to the latest product versions, where applicable.  For more information, refer to: "FAQ – Technical Support for Aternity Customers"

This agent download is for on premise installations of the Aternity Agent. If you are on the SaaS platform, please download the agent from your Aternity instance to ensure proper connection of the endpoint.

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Software Description Release Downloads
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Visit help.aternity.com for release notes and other documentation for 9.0 & later.

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