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End-of-Availability (EOA) Notice

  • SteelHead-SD xx70 Appliances and Licenses
  • SteelConnect SDI Appliances and Licenses
  • SteelConnect Access Points
  • SteelConnect SDI Switches
  • Associated Subscriptions 

For Internal and Partner release

June 1st, 2020

1. Announcement Summary

Riverbed Technology hereby announces the end of availability of SteelHead-SD xx70, SteelConnect SDI appliances and licenses. These components and features will no longer be available for sale effective August 2nd, 2020. Customers and partners may continue to order these systems from Riverbed through August 1st, 2020. 

Customers may continue to order Riverbed support services on these modules subject to Riverbed's end-of-availability and end-of-support policy located at: www.riverbed.com/supportpolicy

In addition, new subscription versions of the below modules will no longer be available for sale effective August 2nd, 2020. Customers and partners that have an active paid subscription period may continue to use their systems from Riverbed until the end of their current subscription period may renew their subscriptions through to the corresponding appliance End of Support Date.

Table 1 identifies the relevant dates for end-of-availability, end of feature support, and end-of-support and maintenance.

SKU/Part Number
End of Availability
(Last Order Date)
HW Appliances Only:
Date of End of Support
for SW Feature Releases
End of Support:
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For subscription-based models (e.g. all product SKUs designated with a “-SUB” in Table 1 above), Riverbed in its sole discretion may continue to make available subscriptions after the announced end-of-availability date.  If Riverbed sells such a renewal subscription after the announced end-of-availability date, that sale will not change the previously announced end-of-availability date or end-of-support dates for such product.

2. New Product Offering

There is no direct replacement for the SteelConnect CX appliance and associated subscription software. Riverbed has introduced the SteelConnect EX product family to address SD-WAN requirements. In some cases, SteelHead CX appliances that offer WAN Optimization feature set may be more appropriate. Please consult the specifications to assess your current and future requirements and determine which platform may be most appropriate for your intended use.

3. End of Availability Policy

For information on Riverbed's end of sale and end of support policy, please see www.riverbed.com/supportpolicy.

4. Additional Information

For additional information regarding this change, please contact Product Lifecycle Management at RVBD-PLM@riverbed.com

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