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End-of-Availability (EOA) Notice

WebAnalyzer SaaS Model: BMXSE-0xx

October 3, 2016

1. Announcement Summary

Riverbed Technology hereby announces the End-of-Availability of the following WebAnalyzer Software as a Service. The WebAnalyzer SaaS products will be discontinued immediately.

Table 1 identifies the relevant dates for end-of-availability and end-of-support.

SKU/Part Number
End of Availability
(Last Order Date)
End of Support:
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2. Migration Plan

Recommended alternatives for the discontinued BMXSE-0xx products, noted above, are the BMXOP-0xx (On Prem) products, listed below.

Old SKU New SKUDescriptionAvailability
BMXSE-010 N/A No replacement available N/A
BMXSE-020 BMXOP-20 SteelCentral Web Analyzer (On Prem) 1M Page Views a Month Currently Available
BMXSE-030 BMXOP-30 SteelCentral Web Analyzer (On Prem) 5M Page Views a Month Currently Available
BMXSE-040 BMXOP-40 SteelCentral Web Analyzer (On Prem) 10M Page Views a Month Currently Available
BMXSE-050 BMXOP-50 SteelCentral Web Analyzer (On Prem) 100M Page Views a Month Currently Available
BMXSE-060 BMXOP-60 SteelCentral Web Analyzer (On Prem) 1B Page Views a Month Currently Available
BMXSE-070 BMXOP-70 SteelCentral Web Analyzer (On Prem) 10B Page Views a Month Currently Available
UPG-BMXSE-* N/A No replacement for any UPG-BMXSE skus N/A

3. End-of-Availability Policy

For information on Riverbed’s end-of-availability and end-of-support policy, please see www.riverbed.com/supportpolicy.

4. Additional Information

For additional information regarding this change, please contact Peco Karayanev peco.karayanev@riverbed.com

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