11.1. SteelScript Application FrameworkΒΆ


The architecture of App Framework provides enourmous flexibility.

Welcome to the documentation for the SteelScript Application Framework!

This project makes it easy to:

  • Build a web front end to your metrics
  • Pull metrics from a variety of data sources:
    • NetProfiler
    • NetShark
    • SteelHead
    • SteelCentral Controller
    • Wireshark
    • Sharepoint
    • Solarwinds
  • Add new data sources with minimal code
  • Design custom reports
    • mix and match widgets and data
    • define custom criteria
  • Custom analysis via Python hooks and Python Pandas.
    • compute statistics, pivot tables, merge, sort, resample timeseries
  • Share modules using easy plugin architecture

Documentation available for App Framework includes: