Riverbed SteelScript for Python

Welcome, this is the documentation for Riverbed SteelScript for Python and the SteelScript Application Framework. The core SteelScript is a collection of Python modules that build upon REST APIs and other interfaces to interact with Riverbed appliances and software. The Application Framework is a Django-based web application infrastructure that makes it easy to built web applications mashing up configuration and statistics from throughout your network.

Quick Start

If you already have pip, just run the following (in a virtualenv):

$ pip install steelscript
$ steel install

Not sure about pip, but you know you have Python?

  1. Download steel_bootstrap.py

  2. Run it (in a virtualenv):

    $ python steel_bootstrap.py install

SteelScript Application Framework

The SteelScript Application Framework makes it easy to create a fully custom web application that mashes up data from multiple sources. It comes pre-configured with several reports for NetProfiler and NetShark.

Get started with App Framework by downloading and running a Virtual Machine with it pre-installed and configured. The latest links and guides can be found on our Splash site.

For more details, see the complete documentation.

SteelScript SteelHead

The SteelScript SteelHead offers a set of interfaces to control and work with a SteelHead appliance. It comes pre-configured with a couple of example scripts showing how to interact with a SteelHead appliance using interfaces provided in this package.

Once you have the base steelscript package installed, getting started is just one command away:

$ steel install --steelhead

For more details, see the complete documentation.


This Riverbed SteelScript for Python documentation is provided “AS IS” and without any warranty or indemnification. Any sample code or scripts included in the documentation are licensed under the terms and conditions of the MIT License. See the License page for more information.