SSL License Registration

The SSL optimization feature (introduced in RiOS 4.0) provides advanced encryption capabilities for the Steelhead appliances. Due to export control requirements, enabling the SSL functionality requires a license key that cannot be pre-installed on systems by Riverbed.

Use this form to request license keys. Riverbed will deliver the license keys after they pass export qualification.

Manual SSL License Request
Enter Serial Number (Step 1 of 4):

Option 1 allows you to manually request up to 20 SSL
License Keys.

Bulk SSL License Request
Download and complete the SSL License Request template
(Zip file 168 KB) Step 1 of 5

Note: You must login to upload your file

Option 2 allows you to request up to 1000 SSL License
keys per submission.


  • You need a separate SSL license key for each Steelhead. SSL license keys are encoded with the serial number of the Steelhead unit for which they are intended. They will not unlock SSL functionality on any other unit.

  • All requests are subject to qualification by Riverbed for export compliance. While most systems will qualify to obtain SSL license keys, not all will based on geographic location.

  • You will receive a response within 1 business day. If necessary, contact us at for a status update.

  • If you have any problems with this form, submit your SSL request through email to

  • Riverbed Systems Engineers (SEs) and support personnel are not allowed to generate SSL license keys or use this form. Riverbed employees can submit an SSL request to

  • If you need other types of licenses, you can find them in the Asset pages in the My Riverbed tab, or submit a Case to customer support.