SteelHeadā„¢ Deployment Guide - Protocols : Citrix ICA Optimization
Citrix ICA Optimization
To consolidate operations, some organizations deploy desktop and application virtualization solutions such as Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp in the data center. Citrix uses a proprietary protocol called Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) to provide connectivity between its clients (called receivers) and its published applications and desktops.
This chapter includes the following sections:
  • Overview of Citrix ICA
  • Citrix ICA Traffic Optimization with SteelHeads
  • Citrix SecureICA Encryption
  • Citrix Drive-Mapping Optimizations
  • Citrix Multi-Stream ICA Traffic Optimization with SteelHeads
  • QoS Classification for Citrix Traffic
  • Automatic Negotiation of Multi-Stream ICA Traffic for QoS Enforcement
  • Reduction for Citrix Small Packet Real-Time Traffic
  • Citrix ICA Optimization over SSL