14.1. Welcome to reschema’s documentation!

reschema is a library for parsing reschema service definition objects that describe a REST API. The service defintion format is described in fully in Service Definition Specification. The package includes tools for load and processing service definitions, generating API documentation, and validating data according to schemas defined in the service defintion.

Quick example:

# Load a service definition for a 'Bookstore' service
>>> bookstore_def = ServiceDef.create_from_file('bookstore.yaml')

# Get the 'author' resource
>>> author_res = bookstore_def.resources['author']

# Define an author and validate that the format is correct
>>> author = dict(id=5, name='John Doe')
>>> author_res.validate(author)

This Python module is useful for processing service definition files, but it is frequently used in conjunction with sleepwalker, another module that provides a simple interface for interacting with servers that implement services according to a reschema-based service definition.

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14.1.3. License

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