6.5. Changelog and Upgrades in 2.0

6.5.1. Changelog

Backwards incompatible release for AR 11.5.

This release adds support for the new Virtual Interface Groups introduced in 11.5

6.5.2. Upgrades

This package will not be able to run reports against older versions of AppResponse. In order to communicate in a mixed environment, separate SteelScript installations will be needed until the migrations are completed.

Reporting scripts should be largely unaffected as the MIFG to VIFG changes are handled within the SDK. Any specific references to MIFGs will need to be updated to the new VIFG class instead.

6.6. Changelog and Upgrades in 1.3

6.6.1. Changelog

  • Add support for topby columns and limit
  • Handle corrupted ServiceDef caches
  • Add get_instances method to retrieve all running reports
  • Add example clean_report_instances.py script

6.6.2. Upgrades


6.7. Changelog and Upgrades in 1.2

6.7.1. Changelog

  • Add App Framework support for all data sources
  • Documentation updates
  • Better support for sources and columns caching
  • Bug fixes
  • Support filters for reports
  • Reports for non-packets sources
  • Add/update command scripts
  • Add general_reports.py script

6.7.2. Upgrades


6.8. Changelog and Upgrades in 1.1

6.8.1. Changelog Support New Data Sources

The 1.1 release adds support for reporting against for all data sources, which falls into groups such as Application Stream Analysis, Web Transaction Analysis, DB Analysis, UC Analysis.

  • Add example script general_report.py to demonstrate how to create report scripts to run against general (non-packets) sources
  • Add command script sources.py to output the names of all sources
  • Update command script columns.py to output columns information based on given source name
  • Optimize caching data from AppResponse
  • Consolidate code to support reporting against both general sources and packets source in one module.

6.8.2. Upgrades

If you have developed scripts or AppFwk reports using the previous steelscript.appresponse 1.0 library, those need to be updated once steelscript.appresponse 1.1 is installed. The steps are as follows.

Add the following import statement in the module where DataDef object is created.

from steelscript.appresponse.core.reports import SourceProxy

Use a SourceProxy object when creating the DataDef object.

data_def = DataDef(source=SourceProxy(packets_source), ...)

where packets_source is a File object, a Job object or a Clip object.