NPM Audit Service v1.0
Created Dec 18, 2020 at 07:09 PM

Resource: config

Audit subsystem configuration

  • JSON
  • {
      "disabled_types": [
      "retention": {
        "period": integer,
        "records": integer
      "system": {
        "enabled": boolean
    Property Name Type Description Notes
    config <object> Audit subsystem configuration Required properties: [system, retention, disabled_types];
    config.disabled_types <array of <string>> Event types that will not be audited. Any subtypes under the type namespace will also be disabled.
    config.disabled_types[items] <string> Event type to disable
    config.retention <object> Audit record retention configuration Required properties: [period, records];
    config.retention.period <integer> Number of days to store records before pruning. 0 to disable age-based pruning. Minimum 0;
    config.retention.records <integer> Maximum number of event records to keep. 0 to disable maximum record pruning. Minimum 0;
    config.system <object> Main audit system configuration Required properties: [enabled];
    config.system.enabled <boolean> Globally enable/disable all event auditing