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Oracle Forms Optimization
You can display and modify Oracle Forms optimization settings in the Configure > Optimization > Oracle Forms page.
Oracle Forms is a platform for developing user interface applications to interact with an Oracle database. It uses a Java applet to interact with the database in either native, HTTP, or HTTPS mode. The SteelHead decrypts, optimizes, and then reencrypts the Oracle Forms traffic.
You can configure Oracle Forms optimization in these modes:
  • Native - The Java applet communicates with the backend server, typically over port 9000. Native mode is also known as socket mode.
  • HTTP - The Java applet tunnels the traffic to the Oracle Forms server over HTTP, typically over port 8000.
  • HTTPS - The Java applet tunnels the traffic to the Oracle Forms server over HTTPS, typically over port 443. HTTPS mode is also known as SSL mode.
  • Use Oracle Forms optimization to improve Oracle Forms traffic performance. RiOS v5.5.x and later supports 6i, which comes with Oracle Applications 11i. RiOS v6.0 and later supports 10gR2, which comes with Oracle E-Business Suite R12.
    This feature does not need a separate license and is enabled by default. However, you must also set an in-path rule to enable this feature.
    Optionally, you can enable IPSec encryption to protect Oracle Forms traffic between two SteelHead appliances over the WAN or use the Secure Inner Channel on all traffic.
    Determining the Deployment Mode
    Before enabling Oracle Forms optimization, you must know the mode in which Oracle Forms is running at your organization.
    To determine the Oracle Forms deployment mode
    Start the Oracle application that uses Oracle Forms.
    Click a link in the base HTML page to download the Java applet to your browser.
    On the Windows task bar, right-click the Java icon (a coffee cup) to access the Java console.
    Choose Show Console (Initiator) or Open <version> Console (Sun JRE).
    Locate the “connectMode=” message in the Java Console window. This message indicates the Oracle Forms deployment mode at your organization: for example,
    connectMode=HTTP, native
    connectMode=HTTPS, native
    For more information about configuring Oracle Forms optimization, see the SteelHead Management Console User’s Guide.