Using SteelHead-c for VMware ESX/ESXi : Logging in to the SteelHead-c Management Console
Logging in to the SteelHead-c Management Console
This section describes how to log in to the SteelHead-c Management Console. The Management Console makes managing the SteelHead-c simpler through a web browser interface.
You can connect to the SteelHead-c through any supported web browser. To connect to the
SteelHead-c, you must know the host, domain, and administrator password that you assigned during the initial setup.
Note: Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
To log in to the management console
1. Enter the URL for the SteelHead-c in the location box of your browser:
<protocol> is http or https. The secure HTTPS uses the SSL protocol to ensure a secure environment. If you use HTTPS to connect, you are prompted to inspect and verify the SSL key.
<host> is the IP address or hostname you assigned to the SteelHead-c during the initial configuration. If your DNS server maps the IP address to a name, you can specify the DNS name.
<domain> is the full domain name for the SteelHead-c.
Note: Alternatively, you can specify the IP address instead of the host and domain.
The Management Console Login page appears.
2. In the Username text box, enter the user login: admin or monitor. The default login is admin.
Users with administrator privileges can configure and administer the SteelHead. Users with monitor privileges can view connected SteelHeads and reports. A monitor user cannot make configuration changes, modify private keys, view logs, or manage cryptographic modules in the system.
3. In the Password text box, enter the password you assigned in the configuration wizard.
4. Click Log In to display the Home page.